Price SA

The small town of Price was named after Florence Annie Price, the daughter-in-law of Governor Jervois. Cheetham Salt Limited, one of the Peninsula's largest industries and the biggest salt refinery in the southern hemisphere, is located just outside the town. An average of 150,000 tonnes of salt is harvested each year from its coastal evaporate pans. The salt pans are visible from the highway as you travel south from the town.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel was established in 1886, and is the heart of the community, with papers, milk and basic supplies available for purchase. At the end of the causeway there is a public boat ramp. Once outside the creek, fishing is plentiful. In earlier times the causeway gave access to the timber wharf where stumps, wool, salt and grain were loaded onto ketches for export, these products are now transported in bulk form by road.

Wills Creek Conservation Park is a protected area adjoining the north-west coast of Gulf St Vincent. The conservation park is considered to be a significant coastal wetland/estuary area supporting mangroves and intertidal habitats. The two creeks located within its boundaries, Wills and Shag Creeks, are known fish nursery areas and an important habitat for seabirds.